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Sunset over The Med.
7 November 2009

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Ralf Kesper on Dartmoor
Very nice picture.

JPA on Dartmoor
compo et couleurs superbes! amts

Existence Artistique on Dornafield

Existence Artistique on Otters
bien beau duo

omid on Otters
very nice shot! Amazing moment!

Gary on Otters
good closeup of these elusive creatures

Ralf Kesper on Otters

omid on Zebra
L O V E L Y !

Ralf Kesper on Zebra
Perfect for an b/w-image.

rem_la on Zebra
joili duo

Existence Artistique on Zebra

Ralf Kesper on Cheddar Gorge
Wonderful place.

Existence Artistique on Cheddar Gorge

Existence Artistique on Axbridge
bien le ciel

Harry on Dartmoor2
wonderful framing; excellent color

Ralf Kesper on Dartmoor2
A really good composed landscape image.

Existence Artistique on Dartmoor2

Ralf Kesper on Dartmoor
Beautiful. And this rainbow is a nice topping.

Existence Artistique on Dartmoor

omid on Dylan Thomas's Study

Ralf Kesper on Dylan Thomas's Study
Timeless sujet.

Ronnie 2¢ on Dylan Thomas's Study
Cannot help but feel the presence . .

Existence Artistique on Dylan Thomas's Study

Harry on Cotswold Barn
lovely old stone structure

Existence Artistique on Cotswold Barn
bien la petite maison qui ressemble comme un lavoir mais il n'y a plus d'eau

Ralf Kesper on Cotswold Barn
Nice abandonned rural place.

Ronnie 2¢ on Cotswold Barn
Carries a sense of discovery, somehow . .

Marcel P. on Cotswold Barn

Jean-LucT on Cotswold Barn
Grange abandonnée très photogénique.

Existence Artistique on Country Lane
bien la perspective

Ana Lúcia on Mrs B and Monty (take 2)
The light in the background really makes it. Really superb.

Existence Artistique on Mrs B and Monty (take 2)

Dimitrios on Mrs B and Monty (take 2)
love it

Ralf Kesper on Mrs B and Monty (take 2)
Nice and moody in this light at the beach.

Existence Artistique on Abingdon

Marcel P. on Abingdon
a lot of beauty

Ralf Kesper on Abingdon
Nice channel for a boat trip.

Existence Artistique on Abingdon

Existence Artistique on Vintage Tractor
bien vu

Ralf Kesper on Vintage Tractor
Cool found. No one would try to give a name like this at any thing here in Germany :))

omid on Greylag Goose
A M A Z I N G !

Existence Artistique on Greylag Goose
bien ce bec

Ralf Kesper on Greylag Goose
Good focus at the eye.

Ralf Kesper on Ragged Victorian 2
Wonderful portrait!

Existence Artistique on Ragged Victorian 2
bien ce regard pensif

omid on The Ragged Victorians
very nice portrait! A M A Z I N G !

Ralf Kesper on The Ragged Victorians
Well taken reactment actor.

Existence Artistique on The Ragged Victorians
belle tenue d'antan

Existence Artistique on Amroth

Ralf Kesper on Amroth
Nice and rough outwashed shore.

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