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Sunset over The Med.
7 November 2009

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Existence Artistique on Warkworth Castle

beach on Warkworth Castle
Still a magnificent structure.

Ana Lúcia on Warkworth Castle
Beautiful castle.

AMIR BABA on Warkworth Castle

Harry on Found These Trainers Sunbathing On A Crowded Beach
hope they had spf30 - looks like they are turning pink on unprotected areas

BiLL on Found These Trainers Sunbathing On A Crowded Beach
Ha ha! Very funny!

Existence Artistique on Found These Trainers Sunbathing On A Crowded Beach

BiLL on Bamburgh Castle
Excellent point of view of the castle, Nigel.

Existence Artistique on Bamburgh Castle

Existence Artistique on Peak Summer Season - Beadnell
bon travail

BiLL on Peak Summer Season - Beadnell
I love the clouds in this one, Nigel.

Darkelf Photography on Beadnell
Fine composition and plenty of interest and detail in this scene. Love the wave crashing against the rocks.

Existence Artistique on Beadnell
c'est une intéressante recherche

Ana Lúcia on Beadnell
What a capture of energy and power!

BiLL on Beadnell
Excellent shot. I love the different elements that make up its composition - waves, dark clouds and castle.

Darkelf Photography on Dunstanburgh Castle
Excellent perspective.

BiLL on Dunstanburgh Castle
Snap! We both uploaded castles! Great point of view

Existence Artistique on Dunstanburgh Castle

omid on Rain Clouds
such beautiful composition, lights & atmosphere! Amazing view!

Existence Artistique on Rain Clouds
beau ciel

beach on Rain Clouds
Dramatic shot.

Ana Lúcia on Rain Clouds
What an incredible atmosphere here!

BiLL on Converted Boats - Lindisfarne
It is interesting to see how these old boats have been converted. I like the composition with the flowers in the ...

BiLL on Rain Clouds
Yes, it definitely looks like rain!

Elaine Hancock on Converted Boats - Lindisfarne
That is putting the boat hulls to good use. A fabulous image!

Existence Artistique on Converted Boats - Lindisfarne
bien ce cadrage et beau comme des maisons

Existence Artistique on Rufford Abbey Estate
intéressant résultat

Darkelf Photography on Rufford Abbey Estate
Gorgeous scene.

Existence Artistique on Cragside
belle composition

BiLL on Rufford Abbey Estate
Nicely framed image.

BiLL on Cragside
Nice peaceful landscape, Nigel.

Sam on Cragside
Beautiful landscape. Lovely reflections. A fine shot. :)

Sam on WW11 defences Lindisfarne
Beautiful view. Excellent composition. Lovely. :)

Existence Artistique on WW11 defences Lindisfarne
bien ces cubes

Hiro on WW11 defences Lindisfarne
very beautiful

Anne on WW11 defences Lindisfarne
Superbe alignement.

BiLL on WW11 defences Lindisfarne
Excellent composition of these geometric structures.

Existence Artistique on Amble, Northumberland
C'est du bon boulot et une intéressante recherche

BiLL on Red Squirrel At Kielder Water
Will he? Won't he? A great pose :-)

BiLL on Very social media
Appropriate title! The photo was taken at an interesting angle.

Elaine Hancock on Red Squirrel At Kielder Water
A gorgeous image! This is just beautiful. I wish that we had red squirrels here. They are a dull gray.

beach on Red Squirrel At Kielder Water
What a cutie.

jpla on Red Squirrel At Kielder Water
Belle prise JP

ceteceva on Red Squirrel At Kielder Water
La queue en panache il a fière allure cet écureuil !

Tataze on Red Squirrel At Kielder Water
Sur la plus haute marche du podium on retrouve Monsieur l’Écureuil. Pas sur qu'il soit ...

Darkelf Photography on Dunstanburgh
Fantastic composition that builds up nicely from the boulders in the foreground. Superb coastline!

BiLL on Dunstanburgh
Good composition. Nice balance between foreground and background.

Tataze on Dunstanburgh
superbe ce coin

Elaine Hancock on One Man and His Dogs
Beautifully composed! A fantastic portrait of the dog and his shadow!

Elaine Hancock on The Old Lime Kilns at Beadnell
This is gorgeous! Beautiful light. A wonderful point of view. Fantastic clouds! 5*****

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